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HarperDB for App Developers

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HarperDB Community Edition 1.3.0 on Docker Hub

Explore, develop, deploy a containerized HarperDB with Docker.

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HarperDB Community Edition 1.3.0 on Amazon AMI

Amazon Web Services

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Single Model Database with both NoSQL and SQL Capabilities

Ingest both unstructured data and query using full SQL in real-time with joins, multiple operators and subqueries. HarperDB’s single model means there is no transformation of data required and as a result, significant savings on storage and RAM.

Database as a Microservice

HarperDB has a single end point with a consistent JSON object model that allows you to simply & explicitly interact with your data.

Dynamic Schema

HarperDB has a dynamic schema allowing for developers to add new data points on the fly with no administration. Our roadmap includes the option to create a structured schema on tables that need more control.

Fully Indexed

While any product can be fully indexed, HarperDB is fully indexed without utilizing RAM or increasing the storage footprint. No configuration is required. This allows HarperDB to have equally fast performance on searching any attribute in the database without replicating data or utilizing expensive RAM.