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HarperDB is designed with application developers and data scientists in mind. Built as a single model, schema-less, fully-indexed database that provides both NoSQL and SQL capabilities natively in real-time, HarperDB is incredibly easy to use so you can focus on your app or research. Here are some of the features you'll enjoy in our free community edition.

  • Scale and performance with low overhead through HarperDB’s leveraging of Node.js . HarperDB can more fully utilize your hardware with more finite control than other languages.
  • HarperDB is designed to handle all your workloads. It is an application database, document store, transactional store, and data warehouse.
  • Interfacing with HarperDB is done through a simple to use REST API. HarperDB has a single end point with a consistent JSON object model that allows you to simply and explicitly interact with your data.
  • HarperDB's small footprint and ARM6 and ARM7 builds allow for deployment directly on a micro-computing device making it the perfect IoT database.


HarperDB Community Edition